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BTT Comms

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BTT, “We keep your Business Connected”

BTT is a well-established technology company based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. They have been operating in the communication industry for over 20 years and offer a wide spectrum of services; Phone lines, Phone Systems, UCC, Cabling, Broadband, Energy and Security.

BTT don’t believe in selling services – they sell proven solutions which will make a positive technological change to a business’ enabling that business to thrive. They benefit from a strong relationship with their clients because of their approach.

BTT was first set up by Peter Bright and John in 1995. The business focus was mainly sub-contracting as Cabling Engineers and the business grew until both, Pete and John wished to take a step back.

In 2005, Peter and John handed the reins over to Robert Bright (Peter’s son) in April 2006.

Robert has been in the industry since 1988, working as an engineer for companies such as Phillips, GPT, AT&T and BT.  By the age of 25, Rob was working and running major projects such as installing phone systems in all of the tax offices, banks, hospitals and a nuclear power station.

When Rob took over the business, he changed the direction of the business to be more focussed on winning the contracts themselves and extended the core offering to include all aspects of comms and many other technologies.

After one year at the reins, Rob met Shiv (Passap.) Shiv had been working on the network services side of telecoms for several years and Rob saw an opportunity to grow the business together by offering telephone systems and their associated applications in tandem with network services. He invited Shiv to join the business as a Director. Shiv accepted.

Since 2007, the business has experienced steady growth even through the recession and they believe this is down to their core values as a team:

·         They go Above and Beyond the call of duty as they just want to ensure the business remains connected.

·         A strong Customer Focus on what their customer needs; not just at that moment but as they grow. Technology should only enhance a business and BTT ensures their client’s remain connected and thriving.

·         Strong Relationships with their customers (and suppliers) means their customers can ring us without fear of being sold to but instead, given an honest opinion.

·         There is a strong Family Atmosphere in their office. The team work well together; they share in the highs and lows and support each other. Like many families, there is a lot of fun and banter which keeps the morale high.

·         Accountable – they take ownership of any problems or issues and follow them through to the end.

Who do they work with?

They have worked with a range of business sectors but have a large client case base in the following sectors:

  • Hospitality (Hotels, Conference centres and Golf clubs)
  • Automotive (Car dealerships, Car parts)
  • Steel (Manufacturing, Processing and Stockholders)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists)
  • Retail (Furniture retailers, Shopping centres and Distribution centres) sectors.