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Heath and Reach entrepreneur tops charts to become bestselling author

An award winning entrepreneur from Heath and Reach has shared her personal story of fighting her fears in her best-selling book, as part of her mission to inspire other business leaders.

Anna Parker-Naples, 42, who is a business and mindset coach and visibility expert, set herself a challenge to become a best selling author, as a marker for recognising how far she has come this year.

Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples


Her book, ‘Get Visible: How To Have More Impact, Influence & Income’ has hit number 1 in Bestsellers for Self Help, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Counselling and Self Help.

She said: “The highlight is getting the book out there, and how successful it has been.
“I have been thinking about creating a book to help others for about five years now and I am glad to have gotten it out there

“It is a mind set and business strategy book, looking at why people hide and they do not put their business out there and how it affects people, it starts from how people see themselves.”

In her book Anna shares her story of experiencing bullying, being wheelchair bound and experiencing depression, all of which led to her own fears of being visible.

She follows this with details of her personal development journey of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which saw her defy doctors to walk again, and start to realise her potential.

As part of taking control of her life, Anna decided to embrace NLP practices and mindset work, which saw her walk the LA red carpet, having been nominated for five awards in Hollywood.

The mum-of-three said: “The truth is that anyone can choose to be visible, seen and heard. And I did choose. I chose recovery, forward-thinking and achievement.

“Becoming visible consciously and deliberately was the cornerstone to transforming my sense of fulfilment, my professional achievements, my income.

“Along the way, a dramatic turnaround in my thoughts allowed and enabled my physical recovery.

“I permitted myself to go full throttle towards opportunities with a sense of adventure – free from the fear of success, free from the fear of failure – and as a result I found myself on red carpets in Hollywood, I found myself on international stages as a headline speaker and I found myself a multi award-winning business coach and entrepreneur.”
Anna is passionate about sharing her story to help other people turn their lives around and overcome any obstacles that they may feel are in their way.

She said: “It is crucial to ensure you’re known for what you do!

“If you want to run an effective business, become an author or speaker, or even up-level the results you get and clients you reach, you must be visible.

“It is my mission to empower others to strip back their invisibility cloaks and become even more visible in 2020!”

Anna was a finalist for National Business Woman of the Year at the SME awards and Woman of the Year and best New Business for National Business Women’s awards.

Anna’s book aims to help readers become empowered to stop limiting beliefs and re-frame their thinking to change their mind-set to self-belief and embrace being visible.

The book is available to download from Amazon. 


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