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How do you win an award?

Winning an award is great. If your name or your company’s name is announced as the winner, no matter what the award is, you’ll feel like you’ve just won an Oscar. It is that good.

Of course, in order to win an award you have enter them. Research those that are relevant to you and your business, select the best category for you or your company and start filling in and submitting the nomination forms.

Regional awards are particularly good for SMEs but don’t be put off by not attempting national ones too. Even being selected as a finalist can do wonders for your profile, your business and your confidence. There are so many awards available to you, covering just about every industry and position.

Writing a nomination form is like doing an exam. Answer the question(s) and don’t think ‘more is more’. The judges don’t want endless explanations, stick to the word count.

Regard the nomination as a sales pitch and present yourself or your company in the best possible light. Choose expressive language, highlight your achievements, provide fantastic case studies and the major successes that you’ve had. Your entry needs to jump off the page because the judges will be reading lots of entries in all categories.

You want yours to stand out and this is where supporting documentation can make or break an award entry. Get testimonials from clients or other relevant people because it’s always better to have someone else be your cheerleader, rather than you telling the judges how fab-u-lous you are.

Other peoples’ praise is an invaluable endorsement. Visual materials are also good, such as press cuttings relating to you or your company. Judges probably won’t have time to watch videos, but clever advertising campaigns with well written copy can also do the trick.

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